Happy Holidays!! Tomorrow starts #12DaysOfAlCal I’ll be taking Holiday songs by request for the next 12 days and posting a new song each day! They’ll be on Twitter or Vine or Facebook or Instagram or YouTube! Use the hashtag and you may get a shoutout! #HappyHolidays #MerryChristmas #Music

It was sick meeting my dude @jakemillermusic Thanks for inviting me to your show! Can’t wait to see you kill it! Your NYC fans are awesome! #JakeMiller #UsAgainstThem #Music #NYC #alcalderon

What am I laughing about?! Check out my interview on @batterypop . Part 1! The Fandom name becomes Official AND I sing a little Happy Birthday diddy.
WWW.batterypop.com #NYC #BestFans @TyJCarey #MissMyHair #Laughing #HashTagging #AlCalderon #HappyBirthday

Hola! Studio shot from a few weeks ago! I’ll do an early release of the audio only, for my 2nd Cover if you guys help me hit 12K Subscribers on YouTube, AlCalderon2! I can’t do this without you! What song do you think that I sang? #YouTube #Singing #BestFans

Hope you guys are excited about my news! Everything happens for a reason! Since October 29th I’ve been shooting a movie as a Co-Star Lead and it’ll be a few more weeks before we wrap! This has been a dream come true! I’ve been acting and singing since I was a kid including Broadway and TV but this is my feature film! Thanks for going on this journey with me! And more music to come! #Dreams #Selfies #Acting #Hashtagging #TheyChoppedMyHair #alcalderon

**Taking #AlCalSings Requests! I love all of your suggestions! Let me know and you will be shouted out!** Thank you all for everything you do for me! Mad love to all of you that support me! #AlCalderon #Selfies #Hashtagging

Forget Throwback Thursday, what about Flashback Friday! Remember the time I was on The X Factor lol!!? One of the best experiences ever! So grateful and lucky for each and every moment I was there! In honor of my 100K followers on Twitter, as promised, the LIVE Video Chat is happening on ustream.com THIS SUNDAY, October 20th at 5PM EST! On twitter, @AlCalderon2, I will be following the hashtag #AskAlCal! Can’t wait to chill and answer your questions and get to know you guys some more! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100K! #AlCalderon #XFactor #Singing #CallMeMaybe #Blessed #Hashtagging #FlashbackFriday #FBF

We can’t control what tomorrow brings, we can only embrace it! Each day the sun sets, but it does rise again! In life we may fall but as dreamers we have to get back up and continue the chase and never give up. I am lucky to have each and every single person to support me on this new journey. I’m so thankful for The X Factor for believing in me and blessing me with an amazing learning experience. I can only grow from here. So here’s to a new sunrise. We can do this. Much love to you all. Thank you! #Sunrise #Sunset #Beach #Hashtagging #Strength #Hope #Faith #BestFans

Are any of you on Vine? Just sang a little JT. Trying to find the right 6 seconds for some videos are are real tough though lol. #VineItAlCal #JustinTimberlake #6SecondCover #AlCalderon #xfactorusa